WELCOME to the most authentic and high-end pilates studio in Salt Lake City where all teachers are certified by Romana's Pilates. Go to romanaspilates.com  to find out why it is important to train with the best and learn more about the exciting history of the founder, Joseph Pilates.

At Canyon Cove Pilates we have one objective: we want our clients who come with high expectations to complete a class feeling that they had an amazing workout, feeling relaxed and energized at the same time and, therefore, feeling motivated and happy in their every day life.

2258 E. Fort Union Blvd (7000 South)
(801) 301-3138 or ccpilates@msn.com

After 10 sessions you'll feel better

After 20 sessions you'll look better

And after 30 sessions you'll have a new body

quote by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967)

And now new:
Students will have the opportunity to use the tower or wall-unit that is one part of the Cadillac that allows them to perform exercises with springs and straps making their workout even more effective and fun.

(Maximum 6 participant)
$200 for 10 classes

This very popular class not only follows the authentic adaptation of the reformer to the mat as Joe Pilates created it for his students but you will experience great results by using the magic-circle, arm weights, therabands, towels, medicine balls and NEW the amazing FOAM ROLLERS. It feels like your getting a deep tissue massage using the foam roller at the end of every class!!!


Like nowhere else in Salt Lake City, you can find exercise clothing and footwear that are unique and stylish. Come in and check out some of our exclusive brands, e.g.


  • City Lights
    of San Francisco
  • Hardtail
  • Mondetta
  • Tsubo
  • Olu Kai
  • Saint Grace
  • Tail Bait
  • Nala Seattle 
Private or semi-private class
($600/10 or $400/10)

Main workout on reformer. Experience the deep and effective form of pilates. Joseph Pilates' invention of almost 100 years ago. You will do a series of strengthening and stretching exercises through contrology.

You will also use all the other apparatuses that Joe invented e.g. Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High-Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Pedipole, Foot-Corrector etc.

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